Enrichment Ideas & Items

Searching for enrichment ideas? There are many resources to find new enrichment ideas. Especially social media has a lot of inspirational pages with many enrichment ideas, items, and tested devices. Here are some good platforms to search for new enrichment ideas:

  • Pinterest is a nice social platform focussed on collecting, saving, catalogue and sharing pictures and videos. Almost every picture and video is linked to other websites. In that way, you can find easily more results. On ZOOSnippets’ channel, we have more than +300 different enrichment items collected (January 2020) and still adding more weekly. 
  • Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms with many users and many enrichment groups too. In contrast with Pinterest, there is more social interaction possible on Facebook about enrichment ideas and easily shared with other people. Enrichment pages as Zoo & Aquarium Animal Enrichment, Primate Enrichment, Reptile Enrichment & Training and Zoo Enrichment are a couple of many community pages where you can find and share new enrichment ideas. 
  • Instagram has some users that share enrichment ideas too. Instagram is very visual and is mostly used for sharing pictures and videos. Many zoos share pictures and videos of their enrichment initiatives. 
  • WildThink has published its own enrichment database with many enrichment devices and initiatives. 
  • Teambuilding With A Bite has published some very nice and extensive enrichment build guides. 
  • Wild Enrichment is another website where good enrichment build guides are published. 
  • Hose2Habitat will end this list with nice instructions using firehoses as enrichment (& more). 

With these websites and your own creativity, it should be easy to effective enrich your animals. To inspire you even more, see the enrichment diversity web with examples of all types of enrichment.